Sep 9, 2022

Unlikely Art Gallery Seen by Thousands

Take a drive downtown Mobile, and you will see one of the many murals our city's talented artists created. The Mobile Convention Center parking garage is one place you might not think to look for local art. But this unlikely location is now the home of four beautiful murals with plans for many more.


Regional Director of  Operations Brandt Wilhelm first had the idea in 2018 when the Southeastern Theatre Conference held its conference at the Center. Students attending to learn about stage design took turns painting the Azalea Trail Maids. Since then, Wilhelm has recruited art students from the University of Mobile and Bishop State Community College to complete unique works of art.


The most recent mural, however, was a labor of love. The Convention Center staff, along with the team of Visit Mobile, spent months creating the largest mural yet. The mural, comprised of 22 individual paintings, depicts historical and notable images of our port city. From fishing boats to blue herons, The Clotilda to Fort Conde, each square was created by an individual on the team adding their spin on the images.


When asked for plans for future murals, Wilhelm said he would like to partner with more artists to finish the walls throughout the garage. We want to leave a lasting memory for the local and national attendees and visitors to the Arthur R. Outlaw Mobile Convention Center.


If you are interested in creating artwork for guests to see for years, reach out to Brandt Wilhelm at