Mobile, Alabama is surrounded by nature. With waterways, wetlands and beaches right outside our door, we are constantly reminded of how we impact our environment. At Mobile Civic Center, we are committed to creating a path to more sustainable and environmentally friendly venues. Here are some of our current initiatives:


Food and Beverage

  • Produce waste is regularly composted and provides nutrients for Chef's garden and herbs.
  • All disposable silverware is bio-degradable.
  • Leftover food is donated to the Wings of Life charity.
  • Cooking oil is recycled into bio-fuel which creates a smaller carbon footprint for our community.
  • Savor Mobile... sources local seafood from the Gulf of Mexico and fresh locally-grown produce.


Meeting Space and Facility

  • We have successfully maintained a recycling program for over 12 years. Since 2009 we have recycled more 171 tons of trash at the convention center.
  • Monitoring of boilers and chillers to keep operation at a minimum when possible. Variable speed drives were installed on the cooling towers and chiller to allow for increased modulation.
  • All meeting rooms are equipped with LED lighting as well as various other places around the building. We will continue to update lighting fixtures to LED until the entire facility is complete.
  • The entire center has been outfitted with automatic flush restrooms to reduce water use.
  • Our facilities campus landscape is regularly updated to include new shrubs, trees and other plants.
  • Double pane windows are throughout the building to reduce energy costs.
  • Timed or motion sensor lighting systems have been installed in various locations throughout the property.
  • Lighting systems controlled by electricians allows lighting levels to be set at 50% during move-in and move-out, and 100% only during event hours.



  • Our Windsor Chariot carpet extractor, along with all the carpet’s cleaning agents, has been certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label and Seal of Approval Programs.
  • Our floor wax and cleaning supplies, furnished by Proctor and Gamble, all meet or exceed the Green Seal standard for cleaning products as well as the EPA’s Environmentally Preferable Purchasing guidelines.
  • The implementation of foam soap has greatly reduced usage and waste.


Other Initiatives

  • EV Charging stations are located on the campus of the Convention Center.
  • Employees are trained to be aware of energy, gas, and recycling consciousness.
  • Reports and documents produced paperless or printed on recycled paper.