Mar 11, 2024

ASM Global Mobile Announces Partnership with Mission of Hope Ministries

ASM Global Mobile Partnered with Mission of Hope Ministries to Help Empower Lives

Three Graduates from Mission of Hope Ministries Receive Full-time Jobs with ASM Global Mobile


MOBILE, Ala. – The Arthur R. Outlaw Mobile Convention Center, one of three venues managed by ASM Global-Mobile, is proud to announce its partnership with Mission of Hope Ministries, a beacon of hope for individuals battling addiction. This partnership is a major step forward in our mission to support and involve the community.   


The City of Mobile is the birthplace of Mardi Gras, in which many well-known events are held at the Mobile Convention Center. The operations team at the Convention Center recognize the importance of operational efficiency during this lively season. To ensure seamless operations, the Convention Center has welcomed a number of men from Mission of Hope Ministries to provide invaluable assistance with the Mardi Gras setup.


Mission of Hope Ministries is a non-profit ministry recognized for its steadfast commitment to helping men and women overcome addiction and rebuild their lives. By partnering with Mission of Hope, the Convention Center not only enhances its operational capabilities but also sheds light to other businesses in the area to extend a hand to those in need within our community.

“What used to take our entire staff 7-10 days to complete, while working through the weekend and late nights; the Mission of Hope guys knocked it out in less than two days!” Katherine Reeves, Senior Operations Manager of ASM Global Mobile stated. The men with Mission Hope Ministries, along with a supervisor, now come in for a handful of large events that need all hands-on deck. “The men work, they work well and they work well together.”

This partnership has created employment opportunities for some of the program graduates. ASM Global Mobile is also thrilled to announce that three graduates with Mission of Hope’s Halfway Program were officially hired on full-time. Barrett Denson, Michael Daughtry and Ricky Pittman are great assets to the team who bring talent, dedication and resilience, embodying the spirit of perseverance and hope.

"We are thrilled to partner with Mission of Hope Ministries in our shared commitment to making a difference in the lives of those who need it most," said Kendall Wall, General Manager of ASM Global. "Through this partnership, we look forward to leveraging our global reach and resources to support Mission of Hope Ministries' vital work."

The relationship between ASM Global Mobile and Mission of Hope Ministries is a prime example of constructive transformation and promoting good change. Our community’s and the world’s change can be brighter with mutual support and common aims.



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About Mission of Hope Ministries

Mission of Hope Ministries is a residential Christian program focusing on men and women struggling with drug and alcohol dependency. The men and women that enter the Mission of Hope have reached their bottom and are willing and ready to make a whole life change. For more information on Mission of Hope Ministries, please visit